African Cheetah Facts

African Cheetah

African Cheetah’s claws are only classified as non-retractable, because only a little section withdraws into its sheath like other cats. This is because it must keep them sharp, so it does not touch the ground (as that will make them blunt).

Female cheetahs hunt alone, but sometimes they are joined by their older cubs. They hunt smaller antelope like gazelles, dik-diks and baby antelope.

serengeti hunting cheetah safaris

Although the African cheetah is faster than any gazelle; the cheetah tires before the gazelle. About half of the cheetah chases do not end in a kill at the escapee lives another day, but not if its a calf/fawn. Then, the cheetah is the winner and often 100% of those chases end in a kill.

The African cheetah has the longest and the most flexible spine of all wild cat species.

Cheetahs are native to Africa, but a small population can be found in Iran (photo) called the Asiatic cheetah or Iranian cheetah.
*Critically endangered.

Cheetahs cannot climb trees like other cats that regularly climb trees. Their nails are too blunt and they do not have powerful muscles to enable them to climb high. Cheetahs have been seen in trees, but only on the lower part of any healthy tree they are able to climb up — it may be at an angle, or similar ‘steps’.

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