East Africa Safari Tours

Jamboree Africa offer amazing East Africa Safari Tours. The word ‘safari’ means ‘journey’ in the language of the Swahili people of East Africa. It is, therefore, fitting that the birthplace of the safari should also boast among the very best game-viewing experiences on the continent.

The most majestic of these is the annual Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, thundering in their thousands across the grassy plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania. The time and route of the Great Migration varies from year to year – depending on the rains. Top-notch game-viewing isn’t all these countries have going for them. Just off the coast of Tanzania – surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean – you’ll find Zanzibar, one of the world’s best beach retreats.

Less-popular among tourists, but no less magical, Uganda and Rwanda are probably Africa’s best-kept secrets. This is the land of gorillas and chimpanzees, and thrilling primate-tracking safaris are offered in both countries. The world’s last remaining population of endangered mountain gorillas can be found among the bamboo and woodlands of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Cheeky chimpanzees clamber through the trees of the Kibale forest in Uganda.


1 Day Kenya Budget Tours

safaris Kenya

Book our 1 day Daily Trips to Kenya’s parks. Activities include; wildlife safari drives, trekking, boat rides, bike rides and mountain climbing. Learn More

2 Days Kenya Budget Safaris

budget masai mara travel

Join our groups for 2 days daily Tours. Activities include; Maasai villages visits, Boat & Bike rides, trekking, mountain climbing and game drives. Learn More

3 Days Kenya Budget Travel

Tanzania budget safaris

Book 3 days budget safaris in Kenya. Activities include; Balloon safaris, Maasai villages visits, Boat & Bike rides, trekking, mountain climbing and game drives. Learn More

4 Days Kenya Budget Safari

budget masai mara tours

4 days Kenya budget safaris include activities such as; Balloon safaris, Maasai villages visits, Boat & Bike rides, trekking, mountain climbing and game drives. Learn More

5 days budget safari in Kenya

Kenya safari holiday

Book all the best trips for 5 days in Kenya. Visit awesome Kenya parks and enjoy activities like hot air balloon, Maasai village visits, boat and bike rides. Learn More

6 days & Above Budget Tours in Kenya

Kenya safari travels

Book all Kenya budget safaris for 6 days or more. Enjoy activities like Balloon safaris, Maasai villages visits, Boat & Bike rides, trekking, and game drives. Learn More

KENYA PRIVATE SAFARIS – East Africa Safari Tours

1-2 Days Kenya Private Safaris

camping Kenya safari

Enjoy our amazing private safaris in Kenya. Our daily trips include Kenya budget privet safaris and Kenya luxury safaris for 1 – 2 days. You can camp or stay in lodges. Also you can access the parks in Kenya using flights. Learn More

3-5 days Kenya Private Tours

Kenya leopard safaris

Book all Kenya private safaris for 3 – 5 days. Our private daily tours in Kenya include staying in camps or lodges. You can travel in safari vans, 4×4 land-cruisers or use flights as you visit the best parks in Kenya. Learn More

6 days & Abvove Kenya Private Travel

cheetah Kenya tour

Enjoy the best safari booking rates for our amazing 6 days or more Kenya private tours. We offer the best lodge safaris in Kenya and Budget travel. Access the best parks in Kenya using flights or by road. Learn More.

TANZANIA SAFARIS – East Africa Safari Tours

1 – 2 Tays Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania safaris

Book our best daily trips in Tanzania. We offer the best lodge safaris in Tanzania and Best Tanzania budget tours. Visit the best parks in Tanzania for 1 or 2 days. Learn More

3 – 5 Days Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania holidays

Visit the best Tanzania parks for 3 – 5 days by road or flight. We offer the best daily tours in Tanzania. Book our lodge and camping safaris in Tanzania. Learn More

6 Days & More Tanzania Tours

Serengeti Tanzania safari tour

Enjoy our amazing Tanzania safaris with daily departures. Visit the best parks in Tanzania by road or flight. Book Tanzania private tours with best price guarantee. Learn More



East Africa Safari Tours also include a visit to the best beaches in East Africa. Enjoy a visit to the best beaches in Kenya. Book our amazing Kenya Beach safari today. Get the best rates for East Africa Holidays. Learn More.


Tanzania has one of the best beaches in Africa. After enjoying the best wildlife East Africa safari tours, unwind in the cleanest and most relaxing beaches in Tanzania. Book with us today for the best rates. Learn More


Zanzibar beach holidays blends well with an amazing safari in Tanzania and Kenya. Zanzibar is unmatched for the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Book East Africa safari Tours with a beach holiday in Zanzibar. Learn More.

EAST AFRICA CITY TOURS – East Africa Safari Tours


Enjoy our amazing city excursions in Kenya. We offer private excursions in Kenya’s cities and towns. Book for the best rates. Learn More.


Visit amazing cities and towns in Tanzania with our best private Tanzania city excursions. Book today and get the best rates. Learn More.


Enjoy amazing city and town excursions in Uganda. We offer the best prices for our Uganda city excursions. Learn More.

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