African Chimpanzee Facts

African Chimpanzee

African chimpanzee utters a loud and wailing ‘Wraaah’ sound when he spots a potential threat to his troop. This is a warning, and sometimes he will violently shake a branch (if watching you from a tree). This is enough to send you running, but it also lets the troop know that danger is near. This also alerts his soldiers (the other males in the troop) and they will do the same and usually surround the threat

When an adult African chimpanzee stands, it is about 4 feet tall and has the strength of 3 grown men.

African chimpanzee

Young chimps start using tools at a young age by watching their mother, or other adults.


The Bonobo historically called the pygmy African chimpanzee and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee, is an endangered great ape and one of the two species making up the genus Pan; the other being the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).

The strongest bond in Bonobo society, is the bond between a mother and son. It stays strong throughout their lives. This strong bond increases his chances to mate with other females (not with his mother). When female Bonobos become sexually mature, they leave the troop they were born into (called a ‘natal troop’) and find an unrelated troop to join. The sexually mature males usually remain in their natal troop/group — this way, they avoid inbreeding..

When young female Bonobos leave their natal group — they have to befriend the females of another group and be accepted into their community. This is a risky time as fights can occur if they reject the new girl.

  • Even with a closed mouth, Bonobos reveal pink lips. A chimp does not.

African Chimpanzees are omnivores so they eat meat, as well as plants. In one day, they will eat over 20 species of fruit (their favourite food) and leaves, whereas the mountain gorilla might eat only about 6 species of plants in its day.

The big difference is the amount they consume (eat) in their lifetime (of eating plants):
— An African chimpanzee will eat over 300 different species.
— A mountain gorilla may only sample over 50 in its lifetime.

It was noted that juveniles and adolescents were obsessed with these infants. The ones showing the infants were young females. They played and carried them around — practicing and perfecting their future motherhood skills.

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