African Gerenuk Facts

African Gerenuk

African Gerenuk is a part of the gazelle family and classified as an antelope. They are most commonly found in Tanzania, Kenya, southern Somalia, Ethiopia and Eretria. They are 80 to 100 centimetres in height with extremely long necks, small heads and big eyes and ears. Here are five facts about these unusual (and adorable) little animals.

  1. Unusual Eating Habits: Unlike other antelopes who eat by grazing, the gerenuk often stands on its two hind legs and uses its two front legs to graze from tree branches. By standing up like this in combination with their long necks mean they can sometimes reach plants up to 2 metres (6 feet) high.
  2. No Water Required: The African gerenuk never has to drink water. Like giraffe, the plants they eat contain enough water to prevent them actually needing to drink it. This is what allows them to survive in desert areas.
  3. Interesting Glands: Because its appearance wasn’t unusual enough, the gerenuk also has unusual glands. Like many other gazelles, they have preorbital glands in front of their eyes. These glands emit a tar-like substance to mark territory. More uniquely, they also have scent glands on their knees and in the split of their hooves.
  4. Good Mamas: The African gerenuk females are extremely caring mothers. They clean their young immediately after birth, feeds them two to three times a day and eats any leftover food to remove traces of scent that might attract predators. They also speak to their fawns in gentler tones, with soft bleating noises.
  5. Threatened Population: Despite remaining under the radar, these little antelope are currently listed as ‘Near Threatened’ in terms of conservation status. Habitat loss and fragmentation caused by people has led to a decline in their population. There are only 95 000 remaining across four countries.

The African Gerenuk is native to the Horn of Africa and this unusual antelope does not have to drink any water in its life only if there is enough moisture in the plants it eats.

Although this rare antelope is classified as ‘near threatened’, its population is decreasing and by the rate it is growing less due mainly to habitat loss, it might be included in the frightening ‘endangered’ category.

Although the African Gerenuk antelope, also called the giraffe antelope, lives in dry areas, it does not need to drink water its entire life if there is enough moisture in the leaves it eats. This vulnerable species can be found across 5 counties in the Horn of Africa and the drier parts of East Africa.

Gerenuks are unlike other grazers, the other antelope tend to have a breeding season, and usually give birth just before the rainy season. The interesting Gerenuk, however, does not have a breeding season.

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