African Secretary bird

African Secretary bird

African Secretary bird is the National symbol of Sudan. This bird is like a long-legged eagle because it also has talons and a hooked beak. This large bird, is a bird of prey (Raptor). It usually stomps its prey to death with enough force to break a man’s hand. Its main diet is snakes 🐍.

This bird of prey (Raptor) is endemic to Africa — found in grasslands and savanna of the continent. It’s about 4 feet tall and possesses large feet with sharp claws used for killing its prey (sometimes with its curved beak).

It’s called a Secretary bird because it has a crest of quill-like feathers like pens tucked behind the ears. The scientific name ‘Sagittarius Serpentarius’ means archer of snakes — snakes are its favorite meal which it kills with its claws. It flies occasionally since it preys on the ground.

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