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We are offering limited free listings at our Business Directory for Accommodations, Hotels and Travel Agencies / Tour Operators and Accommodations. We have a review Tab where our listed partners can invite clients to write reviews.

Important Note:

At the moment we are not accepting any Tour operators offering Kenya Tours & Tanzania Safaris.

To be listed in our Travel Directory, Kindly post this code in your website Page.

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Businesses related to the travel sector in some way, or businesses in cities with bustling travel scenes,  should consider adding their listings to our amazing travel business directory. 

Some tourists enjoy checking out local hot spots rather than the typical tourist destination so you never know who you may attract to your doors.

Keep Listing Categories as Consistent as Possible

Each travel business directory is different and features different categories.

With all of that in mind, here are the major categories of travel related businesses. Businesses that fall within these categories may want to consider listing on travel directories to expand their visibility and reach:

  • Accommodations: hotels, motels, inns, cabins, vacation rentals, campgrounds, houseboats, conference centers, extended stay suites, bed & breakfasts, lodges, cabins, fishing camps, cottages, hostels, resorts, ranches.
  • Food and dining: restaurants, lounges, pubs, caterers, night clubs, bakeries, cafes, comedy clubs.
  • Those that cater to specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. should also make sure they list this information in their listings!
  • Shopping: books, currency exchange, gifts, markets, duty free shops, pharmacies, eyewear, footwear, liquor stores, shopping malls, technology, toys and games, bike shops, luggage, florists, auto repair.
  • Tours and activities: airplane tours, boat tours, rafting, sailing, sightseeing tour, whale watching, horse trail tour, golf, bicycle tours, walking tours, train tours, scuba diving, ski resorts, fishing excursions, kayaking.
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel agents
  • Transportation: airlines, airports, cruises, public transit, trains, bridges, stations, terminals, limousines, ferries, taxis, vehicle rentals, helicopters, parking, water taxis, ports, flights, taxis, bus services and car rentals.
  • Sightseeing: aquariums, art shows, concerts, festivals, parks, gardens, zoos, gardens, science centers, special events, sporting events, vineyards, arenas, stadiums, bridges, hot springs, theatres, museums, casinos, fairs, parades, lectures, seminars, workshops, auditoriums, towers, beaches, lighthouses, mountains, waterfalls.

Jamboree Africa offering limited listings for FREE. However, we will start paid listings in our business directory starting from 2023. Grow your business Today with one of the best travel business directory.


East African Holiday Safaris

Popular Kenya Safari Tours

21 offers available

Kenya & Tanzania Combined

6 offers available

Kenya Wildlife Safaris

80 offers available

Kenya Cultural Tours

21 offers available

Wedding & Honeymoon Africa Safaris

5 offers available

Mountain Climbing Kenya Safaris

5 offers available

Lodge & Hot Air Balloon Kenya Safari

5 offers available

Hot Air Balloon camping Kenya Safari

7 offers available

Flying & Balloon Kenya safaris

9 offers available

Mix of luxury & camping Kenya Safari

6 offers available

Fly & Lodge Kenya Safaris

5 offers available

Kenya conservancy safaris

5 offers available

Migration Kenya & Tanzania Safari

6 offers available

Kenya By Road & Flight stay in camp

9 offers available

Kenya Disability Safaris

10 offers available

Fly & Camp Kenya Safaris

9 offers available

Hiking Kenya Safari Tours

5 offers available

Kenya Budget camping safaris

65 offers available

Bush & Beach Kenya Safaris

7 offers available

Great Wildebeest Migration Kenya

52 offers available

Joining Group Kenya Safari Tour

19 offers available

Photographic Private Kenya Safaris

72 offers available

Family Kenya Safaris

90 offers available

Luxury Kenya Tours

12 offers available

Kenya Safari Travel

92 offers available

Fly-in Kenya Safaris

11 offers available

Kenya by Road & Flight stay in Lodge

5 offers available

Masai Villages Kenya Tour

22 offers available

Hot Air Balloon Kenya Safaris

12 offers available

Nairobi city Excursion Kenya Tour

7 offers available

City Excursion Kenya Tour

8 offers available

Bird Watching Kenya Safaris

38 offers available

Trekking & Bike Ride Kenya Safaris

26 offers available

Kenya Flight Lodge & Hot Air Balloon

8 offers available

Kenya Flight Camp & Hot Air Balloon

8 offers available

High End Luxury Kenya Safari

11 offers available

Tanzania safari

39 offers available

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

20 offers available

The Great Migration Tanzania

36 offers available

Popular Tanzania Safaris

9 offers available

Tanzania Flying Safaris

5 offers available

Tanzania camping Safaris

11 offers available

Lodge & Hot Air Balloon Tanzania Safari

7 offers available

Tanzania Lodge Safaris

19 offers available

Flying & Balloon Tanzania safaris

5 offers available

Fly & Lodge Tanzania Safaris

7 offers available

Bush & Beach Tanzania Safaris

7 offers available

Zanzibar Beach Tours

6 offers available

Birding Tanzania Safaris

8 offers available

Balloon camping Tanzania Safari

5 offers available

Fly & Camp Tanzania Safaris

6 offers available

Tanzania Disability Safaris

21 offers available

Mountain Climbing Tanzania Safaris

7 offers available

Hot Air Balloon Tanzania Safaris

5 offers available

Uganda Safaris

6 offers available

Uganda Budget Safaris

6 offers available

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