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Church mission tour and travel is prevalent in Africa. Being the poorest continent in the world, Africa is the most Christian continent of the twenty-first century as there is abundant evidence that Christianity is weakening in the western world. Africa is a multi-denominational continent thus best place for Church Missionaries. It is in Africa where you will find all religious denominations. From Cape Town, south African Christians to the Muslims in Cairo, Egypt in the Northern part of Africa and the Christians and the Muslim communities in both west and East Africa, Africa is the only continent where all denominations co-exist and respect each other. It is interesting that in their diverse cultural and ethnic differences, the more than 2 billion population and over 1/4 million denominations in Africa, Africa is religious and holistic to their denominations than the west.

Religious pilgrim Holidays to Africa from the west

Christian Evangelism in Africa is gaining popularity among the western churches in America and Europe. Every year, Bishops from the west hold Evangelism Conventions in Africa from the first world .These take several days as they also tour the African wildlife sanctuaries and the cultural and community based development projects.

Africa is the most Christian continent of the twenty-first century as there is abundant evidence that Christianity is weakening in the western world. The church in the third world is growing rapidly than in the west. In Europe and America, churches are never full on Sundays as they are in Africa, the old go to church and the young never attend churches, save for Christmas or on a funeral ceremony. Unlike Africa, many in the west never attend inter-denominational conventions which are attended en mass in Africa. These Christian conventions are organized from the west and done in the African cities as it is very likely that during the twenty-first century, the center of Christian thought and activity is shifting to Africa. With the current growth tendencies in Africa, when people around the world think about Christianity in the future, they will likely think of Africa-thus the religious pilgrim to Africa. If the center of Christianity shifts from the western world to developing countries such as Africa, then that means that the leadership of Church is going to shift from the western world to the third world and most likely to Africa.

Church mission tour in East Africa

East Africa’s denominations and their churches are mushrooming by the day and this calls for tours and safaris for the western missionaries to tour East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ruanda and Burundi. Of late safaris and Tours into East Africa from the churches and church related community visits from Europe and America have gained momentum.

Jamboree Africa Tours & Safaris have the know-how and capacity to handle whatever the number of church Missionaries tours and safaris into East Africa. we have since managed to take most church tourists from the west to the poor communities in Kenya ,Uganda and Tanzania where they contribute sums of money in the building of the community Churches without consideration of the denominations, build rural schools, build health centers, build HIV/Aids Orphan children’s Homes, contribute used clothes and shoes to the rural poor, build houses to the widows, organize both women and Men Community based Non Governmental bodies within the Rural villages along the Lake Victoria Basin, start Community Based Micro Finance organizations in the poor Slum Areas of the East African cities and Rural villages, Contribute foods and beddings to the drought malnourished families and the flood displaced and disadvantaged communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Church mission tour – Church Related and Community Based Travel in Kenya.

Most church and church related tours and safaris are made in Kenya. church leaders in the west prefer Kenya as their base for their African Christian evangelism conventions in East Africa. Every year Kenya hosts many Christians from both the eastern world and western worlds since it is Kenya, where you find the freedom of worship and the infrastructure to hold major and bigger church conventions. The Kenya’s Uhuru park stands pivotal for such conventions in the years. It has hosted the Catholic popes in the years, recently it hosted the legendary American black bishop, T.D Jakes and many more.

Church Related Community development projects in Kenya

Christian Churches from the west have been involved in the Community development Projects in Kenya by providing poverty alleviation community projects. Many of these are self-sustaining community development projects. These include among others;

  • The building of Health centers and Educational institutions
    • The formation of Micro finance Organizations for financing micro businesses thus alleviating poverty.
    • Building of various churches and church institutions.
    • Building of HIV/ Aids Orphan children’s homes and schools.
    • Planting of Trees in Kenyan Rural Villages in order to create fire wood and encourage
    • Rural Forestation.
    • Donation of school books, fees, uniforms, shoes, and sanitary pads to the Girl child.
    • Prevention of the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practice of initiation into womanhood by various cultural Communities.
    • Prevention of Early Marriages of Kenyan Girl child being practiced by some communities in Kenya, building residential houses to the Kenyan widows.
    • providing business opportunities to the less fortunate Communities.
    • Encouraging sports activities among the youth in order to make them engaged to avoid being swayed into malpractices such as taking drugs and involving into activities which can lead into HIV/Aids by providing balls, and other sports equipment to the youth in the Kenyan rural villages.

Jamboree Africa Tours & Safaris has been involved in the planning of church mission tour  inside Kenyan urban and rural poor communities’ for the church and church related community development projects in Kenya and around lake Victoria. We have the know how and the capacity to take you and your group into the poor East African Communities who live below poverty levels. Church Missionaries are encouraged to customize their East African community tours and Safaris with us. We can take you to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ruanda and Burundi.

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