Endemic Birds species in Nigeria

These endemic birds species can only be found in Nigeria and nowhere else on earth. By revision, Jos Plateau Indigobird was discovered on the Jos plateau in northern Nigeria in 1968, Rock firefinch was discovered on the same plateau in 1998, while the Ibadan Malimbe was discovered in southwestern Nigeria in 1951.

The fourth endemic bird species found in the wetter regions of southern Nigeria is the Anambra Waxbill. This was discovered in 1902.

Ibadab Malimbe Bird

This rare bird species are also endemic to Nigeria like the other ones we mentioned here some days back. Again, it means ‘Ibadan Malimbe’ is only found in Nigeria and no where else in the world. This weaver bird with the scientific name — ‘Malimbus ibadanensis’ is of the family ‘Ploceidae’ which was first discovered in 1951. It is found in southwestern Nigeria, including the city of Ibadan which it’s named after.

It is a ‘passerine’ — have three toes in front and one behind, which makes perching possible. Unlike the village weaver we recently discussed here (same family with this), the Ibadan Malimbe is monogamous and also breeds only in rainy season. The male builds the nest, but the nestlings (babies) are fed by both parents.

It was common within its range, but forest clearing made it rare recently.

*It is currently endangered.

Jos Plateau Indigobird

This is a unique bird that is endemic to Nigeria. By endemic, it means it is only found in Nigeria and no where else in the world. It was discovered in 1968 on the Jos plateau, northern-Nigeria, and it is one of the black finches.

It lays its eggs in the nest of Rock firefinch (also endemic to Nigeria) because they cannot incubate their eggs. The amazing thing about this bird is that it takes the exact number of the host’s egg out to avoid suspicion. This process of laying eggs in another bird’s nest is known as brood parasitism.

The male mimics the song of the Rock firefinch to rear the chicks because they dominate the nest after hatching. The mimicry of the host’s song led to the discovery of the Rock firefinch in the same area as other endemic species.
The JOS PLATEAU INDIGOBIRD is classified as ‘least concern’.

*There are four endemic bird species in Nigeria.

Anambra Waxbill

It was discovered in 1902.

The four endemic bird species are ‘passerine’ — that is, they have three toes in front and one behind. Except for Ibadan Malimbe, which is a weaver, the other three are finches. Finches are small bird species (songbirds) with small conical-bill, having attractive colours.

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