Top 5 Most beautiful Wildlife Safari Places in Kenya

Most beautiful wildlife safari

Five of the most beautiful Wildlife safari places in Kenya

When you think of Kenya, the first thing that comes to mind is the scenic vast plains of the Rift Valley, the breathtaking migrations of the Wildebeest in the Mara and the captivating sunsets of the coastal beaches. Safaris are mainly the unspoiled natural beauty of Kenya and for an unforgettable travel experience, we recommend these five of the most beautiful wildlife safari destinations.

In no particular order, we present to you Kenya’s 5 most beautiful wildlife safari destinations;

Samburu National Reserve

With relatively smooth terrain, a glimpse of the ever elusive leopards or zebras grazing away on the plains makes Samburu National Reserve an ideal safari destination. You can capture the Big 5 without having to drive for hours on end. From unique Grevy’s Zebras, reticulated giraffes and Oryx, you’ll get a chance to admire the beautiful wildlife this park has to offer. Your safari wouldn’t be complete without a stay at The Elephant Watch Safaris; six wide breezy tents under thatched mess tent on the banks of Ewaso Nyiro, with lovely bathrooms built around trees as the water heats naturally by the sun. There are various activities to choose from, such as game drives, walks and picnic at the reserve.

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The Maasai Mara – The Most beautiful wildlife safari

A safari in Kenya wouldn’t be complete without an adventure to the Mara. Picture the wide open plains, fallen tree trunks along the river and vast herds wandering aimlessly along the scorching plains; a typical image of how one envisions Africa, and that is what the Mara has to offer. Thousands of square miles of wildlife, among them is the famous Wildebeest migration which takes place every year from July to October. You can get a chance to experience this spectacular view while catching a glimpse of the other Big 5. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride while capturing the breathtaking sunsets on the horizon.

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Shimba Hills National Reserve

Unlike other National parks that tend to be dry with vast plains, Shimba Hills National pack is a unique park with a hilly plateau covered with dense rainforest. The National Park boasts of the highest density of African elephants in addition to various buffaloes, waterbucks and giraffes among other wildlife. The park offers a delightful experience for nature lovers and birdwatchers as they get to enjoy beautiful birds chirping away in the rainforest. The top of the hills provide the splendid views of the nearby hills and the amazing coastline of the Indian Ocean. With lots of attractions and opportunities to explore wildlife, Shimba hills reserve offers a unique safari experience like no other. The park leads one to Sheldrick Falls which cascades 25 meters of the escarpment, as the fall provides an idyllic spot for a cool swim or a lovely intimate picnic.

Sweet Waters Game Reserve

Lush green lawns, cool climate all year around and Mount Kenya at the background, makes Sweet Waters a sheltered oasis in a class of its own. Abundant in wildlife as the animals come to drink water day and night, the charming ambiance and serene environment makes the safari destination a perfect retreat for wilderness and Safari lovers. Sweet Waters offers breathtaking experience that leaves one yearning for more while you savour the magnificent view of the reserve. Sweet Waters offers unique day and night game drives, as well as nature walks and getting to learn the various unique species around the game reserve. Camel rides, lion tracking and watching the elephants take a sip from the watering hole all add to the charm of the game reserve.

Tsavo National Park

One of the oldest and largest parks in the country located in the south eastern side of Kenya. Tsavo National Park is one of the largest parks in Kenya, with the Eastern and Western part separated by a highway. Tsavo boasts a great diversity of mammals and other wild animals including the famous man-eating lions. With beautiful surroundings and amazing waterfalls, the park attracts a large stream of tourists annually making it a favourite safari destination for many. With various springs that attract animals, a safari to Tsavo National Park guarantees you a view of different kinds of wildlife such as elephants, hippos, buffalos and zebras. With major attractions such as the recent volcanoes, lava flows and caves, Tsavo is ideal for exploring and hiking. With so many activities to choose from such as underwater hippo and fish watching to camping, game viewing and cave exploration, one is always spoilt for choice when it comes to activities at Tsavo National Park.

Wherever you go, whatever safari destination you choose, you are bound to savour memories that will last you forever.

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