Weaver Bird facts

Weaver Bird

There are over 100 different species of weaver bird found in Africa and Asia. In Southern Africa, the weaver birds found there begin to build their detailed and well weaved grass nests at the start of the rainy season to breed, because there is plenty of grass, and when the male attracts the female because of the beautiful home he is offering her, they breed and this time also brings in a lot of food for the chicks.

Village weavers are among the many species of weavers found in Africa. The males are polygamous in nature. One male can mate with about five females depending on the number of nests built. The males, usually with a prominent black head, build the nest, the female comes, she checks it and if she likes it, the male wins her.

The lovely Golden-backed Weaver can be found throughout Western Kenya and most of Uganda. watching them build their delicate best never gets old.

Red-billed Buffalo Weaver Facts

The red-billed buffalo weaver bird is a species of bird in the family Ploceidae. It is found in eastern and southern Africa. Its natural habitat is the dry savanna.

This is a large and ‘chunky’ weaver, and especially the male, are rather noisy and call loudly — mainly at breeding times. You cannot misidentify this large weaver as it flies above your head, because striking white wing patches under its wings.

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