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A Kenya Safari is considered as one of Africa’s most luxurious luxurious safari vacations. Expect wide choice of safari activities which makes Kenya a year-round game destination country. Kenya parks are considered as one of the best parks in Africa such as the Masai Mara. Africa is a top destination continent and Africa safaris kenya is one of it. From the amazing hot air ballooning safaris to photographic safaris and walking safaris, Kenya is a MUST DO tourist destination.

We offer Kenya safaris that are inspirational and informative. When it comes to planning a dream Kenya vacation, we’re the choice for you. Our safari consultants are ready to assist you come up with a dream safari in Kenya based on your tastes and preferences.

The rich wildlife in Kenya and, immense landscapes make Kenya a family holiday destination. The reality of a dream African safari dawns when you traverse the sprawling plains of the Masai Mara, or under the shadow of the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro I Amboseli national park.

Africa safaris Kenya guides are ready to welcome you in the land of beauty and take you to the most remote and untouched corners that offers intimate wildlife encounters with iconic animals such as the lions, rhinoceros, buffalo, cheetah, elephants, leopards, hyenas,..

Kenya always has something special for everyone – Old and young, newcomers and regular visitors.  From the sparkling beaches of the Kenyan Indian Ocean coastline to the unspoiled bush makes Kenya a special holiday destination.

Below are some of the remarkable experiences that define a Safari in Kenya

The Maasai Mara National Reserve:

Many travelers when asked of a Kenyan safari, what comes first in the mind is the kenya masai mara safari. This is the highlight of a Kenya safari. The Masai Mara Kenya safari is considered as a hub for the wildlife. It gives you a great Africa experience.

The Great Wildebeest Migration:

It goes hand in hand with Masai Mara safari. The wildebeest migration is an annual event where millions of wildebeest accompanied by thousands of zebras migrate from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania crossing the crocodile infested Mara River to the Masai Mara in Kenya. The odessey covers for thousands of Kilometers in search of pasture. The spectacle is breathtaking. For more on the wildebeest migration, kindly visit here!!

The Big Five:

Doing game drives in Kenya’s national parks and reserves offers remarkable iconic creatures such as the buffalo, leopard, elephant, lion and rhinoceros which are considered as the big five. The phrase ‘big five’ was coined by early hunters and given to animals that were dangerous and most difficult to hunt. Big five safaris or big 5 safaris is the cornerstone of our Kenya safaris.

Amboseli National Park:

This is another great vacation destination for your Kenyan safari. With the amazing views of the snowcapped Kilimanjaro Mountain – world’s largest free standing mountain, Amboseli national park gives you a great holiday vacation.

Authentic Maasai Village Tours:

The Maa community or the Maasai is the most recognizable indigenous tribes in the world. The Maasais are semi-nomadic pastoralists and have lived in Kenya and Tanzania since the 17th century.  A visit to their villages while on a safari is an opportunity to mingle, dance and learn on their rich culture.

Samburu National Reserve:

Samburu Kenya Safari takes you to the arid savannahs in the north parts of Kenya. Samburu is the most rewarding of the three national reserves sitting around the life-giving Ewaso Ngiro River. The other two reserves are Shaba and Buffalo Springs. africa safaris Kenya game viewing in Samburu is considered first class which also includes fascinating cultural interactions and other adventure activities.

Did you know that the last surviving northern male white rhino is in Kenya? Kenya is home to the last species of the last known northern white male rhino known as Sudan. He’s given 24 hour security. The home to this last of its kind is Ol Pajeta conservancy. Now you know. Jamboree Africa Tours and Safaris, is in the forefront in fighting poaching. We should not have come to this, ending an entire species right in our eyes.

A #TeamJamboreeTraveler is the first to say a big NO to any form of poaching.

Africa safaris Kenya is indeed a traveler holiday destination. Book with Jamboree Africa Tours and Safaris today and make your dream holiday a reality.

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