Kenia Safari Tours

Kenia Safari Tours

Kenia Safari: What a safari in Kenya means to traveler

Enjoy a safari holiday in Kenia, the origin of safari travel. The best of the best Kenya safari and tours includes viewing the incredible natural beauty, the big five and cultural encounters. A Kenya safari combines well with a Tanzania safari plus tropical beaches of the Kenyan coast or the peak mountain climbing.

The bucket list for safari i Kenya includes:

  • The great migration in the famous Masai Mara
  • Amboseli Kenia safari giving you the unforgettable views of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Leopards of the Samburu
  • Cultural tours in the Masai villages
  • Food tours – African flavours including Swahili dishes and culture
  • Bike ride and trekking safari in Hell’s gate national park
  • Boat ride in the Great Rift Valley lakes such as Lake Naivasha, Baringo
  • Water Rafting experiences
  • Farm safaris – coffee farms, flower farms
  • Mountain climbing safaris
  • Camel riding safaris in Kenia

Masai Mara is the biggest attraction in Kenya because of the natural movement of millions of wildebeest accompanied by thousands of zebra and gazelle. Read more on wildebeest migration

Safari in Kenia combines easily with Tanzania and Uganda. Jamboree Africa Tours and Safaris offer family friendly safaris that also include accommodations, airport transfers, city excursions, flight bookings etc.

Best Kenia Safari Lodges

Kenya safari is a classic East Africa safari experience. From the dramatic game viewing, comfortable tented camps and lodges, beach retreats in the Kenyan coast and modern hotels to relax after a safari.

Top destinations include: Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Samburu and Lamu Island.

Where to Go in Kenya

  • Masai Mara: wildebeest migration & year-round game-viewing
  • Nairobi: East Africa’s logistics hub
  • Mombasa & Kenya Beaches: family resorts & luxury lodges
  • Lamu Archipelago: classic barefoot luxury beach experience
  • Amboseli National Park: the best views of Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Laikipia Plateau: private reserves & outstanding accommodation
  • Mount Kenya & Central Highlands: game viewing away from the crowds
  • Shaba and Samburu National Reserves
  • Lake Nakuru: flamingos & game viewing
  • Lake Naivasha and Hells Gate National park: Boar riding, bicycle riding and trekking Kenia safaris
Best Time to Visit Kenia

Kenia has a diverse geography meaning variable climate across the country. You can visit Kenya at any time of the year for both safaris and beach holidays.

Most of Kenia safari destinations are at their best during January, February and the end of March. During this time there is mild climate, mostly dry and game viewing is at its peak.

Learn more on when to travel to Kenia

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