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Discover Kenya:16 days Budget Camping Kenya Private Safari Overview:
Name: Discover Kenya: Budget Camping Kenya Private Safari
Safari Type: Kenya Budget Safaris (Private Camping)
Duration: 16 Days
Start: Nairobi at 7 AM
End: Nairobi at 4 PM

Safari Highlights

2 days Masai Mara game reserve
Tree studded typical savannah terrain and a multitude of wild animal species and colorful Masai tribesmen
1 day Lake Nakuru national park
Tsavo East and Tsavo West
Samburu and Sweetwaters National Park
Rift valleys Lakes Nakuru and Bogoria
The Aberdares National park
Amboseli national park
Hundreds of thousands of flamingoes, pelicans and other bird species (season permitting)
Rhino sanctuary at the Lake nakuru national park
The Great Rift Valley escarpment and lakes
Elephant herds and other animal species at the amboseli
The snow- capped highest mountain in Africa the Mount Kilimanjaro
1 day Tsavo east national park
Scenic hills and valleys, awesome scenery, the Mzima springs, birds and animals
Option of Masai village visit at Masai Mara (your safari driver guide shall arrange for this)
Optional hot air balloon excursion at Masai Mara-book as an extra

A safari to the north via the high shoulder of Mountain Kenya to the Game Reserve of Samburu a park popular …

Price: $4800 Photos

Nairobi City Excursion: Full Day Tour to Kenya’s Capital safari Overview:
Kenya Amazing Full 1 day Tour: Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, Mamba (crocodile) village, snake park, animal orphanage, City tour, Carnivore dinner
Safari Type: Kenya private safaris
Name: Nairobi City Excursion Full Day Tour: Amazing 1 day Kenya’s Capital safari

Safari Highlights FEATURES OF THIS SAFARI PACKAGEElephant Orphanage Giraffe Centre Mamba (crocodile) village Snake park Animal orphanage City tour Carnivore dinner

Nairobi Day Tours are short trips offering you the opportunity to see the City within a short time and discover Nairobi’s beauty and history. Tours include Kenya Day Tours & Excursions, Nairobi City Day Tours, Carnivore Lunch or Dinner, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Walking City Tours and much more

Nairobi City Tour (3 Hours)
Our adventure begins from our hotel. As we tour the city, we see the most interesting elements of Nairobi – Parliament buildings, Kenyatta International Conference Center, City market and 1998 US Embassy Bomb blast site in Nairobi.

The city begun in 1899, and grew as a central point for the Kenya – Uganda Railway. Nairobi comes from the Masai word, “Enkare Nyrobi” meaning the “place of cool water”.

Giraffe Center – Nairobi Day Tour
The giraffe center is a wonderful and refreshing experience underta…

Price: $250 Photos

Elephant orphanage Nairobi Kenya safari – Nairobi city Excursions prices Overview:
Name: Kenya Safari: Elephant Orphanage Nairobi
Safari Type: Private safaris in Kenya
Duration: Half Day
Start: Nairobi at 7 AM
End: Nairobi at 4 PM

Safari Highlights FEATURES OF THIS SAFARI PACKAGESmall group ensures personal service Get up-close to native wildlife Small group ensures personal service Nairobi tour Enjoy Local cuisine

Nairobi is home to many wildlife projects that are open to locals and visitors alike. From the moment you arrive to the city, you are presented with many options to see Giraffe, Rhino, Lions, Elephants, and more, up close and kind of personal. Of the options, the one that called my attention the most was the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, also known as the Elephant Orphanage. Jamboree Africa Tours and Safaris is happy to offer you elephant orphanage Nairobi Kenya safari.

It is widely known the damage that poachers have done, and keep doing, to the elephant population (as well as other animals, like rhinos). In an effort to save the baby elephants that are orphaned due to poacher’s attacks, the Sheldrick Trust takes charge of being their “adoptive mother” and taking care of them 24/7 – feeding them, making sure they a…

Price: $50 Photos

Nairobi giraffe Centre Kenya tour – Short Nairobi city Excursions prices Overview:
Name: Kenya Safari Excursion: Nairobi Giraffe Centre Kenya tour
Safari Type: Private safaris in Kenya
Duration: Half Day
Start: Nairobi at 7 AM
End: Nairobi at 4 PM

Safari Highlights FEATURES OF THIS SAFARI PACKAGESee native wildlife in their natural environment You can feed the giraffes Learn more about giraffes and other animals at the Giraffe Center See how traditional Kazuri beads are made from start to finish Get a taste of Kenyan culture and wildlife on a guided tour from Nairobi

Jamboree Africa Tours and Safaris is happy to offer you Nairobi giraffe centre Kenya tour. The Giraffe Center was first opened in response to the endangered status of the Rothschild giraffe, the population of which had declined, reaching a low of 130 animals in the wild as a result of agricultural practices in their native habitat. Successful fundraising efforts secured monies to move four herds of these graceful animals to Lake Nakuru National Park, Nasalot Game Reserve, Mwea Game Reserve and Ruma National Park, and the success of these efforts has increased the population to over 500 individual giraffes in Kenya alone.

The most exciting part of Nairobi giraffe centre Kenya tour is …

Price: $50 Photos

Mamba crocodile village Nairobi Tour – Nairobi City Kenya Excursions Travel Overview:
Name: Mamba Crocodile village Nairobi Tour: Crocodile village Nairobi Kenya Excursions travel
Safari Type: Private safaris in Kenya
Duration: Half Day
Start: Nairobi at 7 AM
End: Nairobi at 4 PM

Safari Highlights FEATURES OF THIS SAFARI PACKAGEEnjoy Africa cuisine Crocodile farm Nairobi city excursion ostrich park, a peacock pen and giraffes in the farm See native wildlife in their natural environment

Nairobi Crocodile Farm is Home to Over 70 Nile Crocodiles in a Natural Paradise Spread Over 30 Acres – Great location for Family Outings, Picnics, Private Parties, Conferencing and Team Building located in Nairobi’s leafy Karen Suburb. Jamboree is happy to offer you our day Nairobi safari – mamba village nairobi tour

Mamba village nairobi tour take you to Mamba Village, famous for its Crocodile Farm.The pens are home to an estimated 70 Nile crocodiles. Four Maasai Ostriches can also be found strutting around their pen with grace.Visitors often come into direct personal contact with them when given the opportunity to feed these gallant birds. The experience is always satisfying and exciting especially for children.

mamba village nairobi tour takes you to the Mamba Village which situated an estimated 13 kilometers away from the city …

Price: $50 Photos
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